How to Crochet for Complete Beginners

In this beginner how to crochet course we’ll take you through every technique and stitch needed to learn how to crochet! This 10 chapter course guides you through the techniques needed and 6 unique projects along the way to not only help practice, but put your new skills to the test!

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Your kit includes all the materials to learn to crochet and make the 6 main projects from the Crocheting 101 Series, and you can use this page to find everything you’ll need.

This series is designed in 10 chapters going through the basics of crochet and a variety of stitches. Between every few chapters we’ll be making a variety of projects incorporating a few of the techniques we’ve learned. I highly suggest following the series in order starting from from Chapter 1. You can begin using the Start Now button below or this link.

Included with this kit is also a downloadable PDF version of the entire series, chapters, and projects. You can find a button to download it below. Both the PDF and digital patterns on the site are interactive and incorporate checkmarks to keep track of progress, and links to each sections complementary video tutorial.

At the end of each chapter and project there is a link to continue on in the series. The series completes with a bonus project for a beanie, the Starter Kit does not include the materials for the bonus beanie, but is included in the Delux Kit.

Some additional patterns from the library can be made with this kit’s materials as well, and once you have a firm grasp on the hook you can find them in the Alternative Patterns section below!

If you’re having extra trouble check out the official Club Crochet Facebook Group or Discord. I’m usually around, but there are a bunch of other members of the community who would be happy to help if I’m not! I also do weekly live crochet alongs and can answer any questions live, see the calendar at the bottom of the page for specific dates and times.

Thank you again for supporting Club Crochet! I’m honestly jealous of your journey, it is one of the greatest joys I’ve found in life and I’m honored to be the one to guide you through it.

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Here are all the materials that are included in your kit. Your kit is designed to be flexible, so use whichever color you want for your projects! Most of this series you will only need the yarn and crochet hook.

  • 2 Balls of 100% Cotton Yarn – 200 ft
    – Purple and Pink, or Green and Yellow 
  • Stitch Markers x 2
  • 8mm Safety Eyes x 4
  • Pipecleaners x 1
  • Stuffing
  • Black Thread x 1
  • Size G6/4.00mm Crochet Hook 
  • Darning Needle

You can continue through Crocheting 101 in a few different ways, one of which is with a fully downloadable PDF version of the entire series. Download the PDF below or click Start Here to begin using the online version of the series with video tutorial included.

Start Here!



After Chapter 2

Project 1:
Friendship Bracelet

This project is designed to help you practice the chain stitch (ch) and show you that you already can crochet something! In this lesson we’ll be learning how to make a friendship bracelet using the chain stitch.

After Chapter 3

Project 2:
Mini Bow

This is one of the first patterns I ever made. I used to make tons of these for friends and family because they’re super simple to make and only take a few minutes!

After Chapter 4

Project 3:
Simple Coaster

For our 3rd Project for Crocheting 101, we’ll be playing around with increases and working in the Round to make these coasters. In this project, we’ll also be dipping our toes into how to read patterns, which are basically the blue prints to a project. In patterns we often use abbreviations for stitches to make it easier to write and read.

After Chapter 5

Project 4:
Sphere or Hack / Sack

Now that we know how to increase and decrease, we can make spheres! Which we can turn into heads for amigurumi, or hacky sacks! To begin this pattern, you can either use the “Ch 2 Method” that we’ve used before, or use a new method called the “Magic Loop Method”. I’ll briefly explain you it below, but the full detailed instructions and explanation will be taught in Chapter 10.

After Chapter 6

Project 5:
Bow Tie or Headband

This is definitely my favorite pattern in Crocheting 101, and a great way to practice your half-double crochets. Not only can this pattern make a pretty neat bow neck tie, but also can make a pretty cute bow headband with just a few extra stitches!

After Chapter 7

Project 6:
Granny Square

Gonna be honest, not a big fan of the name. Not all us hookers are grannies, but Granny squares are kinda fun to make and a great way to practice your double crochet stitches. We’ll also learn a new form of working in the Rnd called “Joining in the Rnd”.

Alternative Patterns

Bonus Project!

In this bonus project you’ll take all the skills you’ve learned throughout Crocheting 101 and put them all together to make a beanie! Heads-up, the yarn for this project is only included in our Delux Kit and not our Starter Kit.

However, there are a bunch of additional patterns you now have the skills to make and the materials for! See our list of Alternative Projects below. 

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