Simple Coaster

Louie's Loops

Beginner difficulty


20 minutes



For our 3rd Project for Crocheting 101, we’ll be playing around with increases and working in the Round to make these coasters. In this project, we’ll also be dipping our toes into how to read patterns, which are basically the blue prints to a project. In patterns we often use abbreviations for stitches to make it easier to write and read.

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What you'll create

What you'll learn

What you'll need

Cotton Yarn



Any Color

Crochet Hook

G6 / 4.00 mm

Darning Needle



Chain Stitch




Slip Stitch


Single Crochet




Yarn Over

Other Useful Info


The ‘Steps’ for this project are called ‘Rows’. We’ll explain this in a future project, but just know for now that Row 1 = Step 1.

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The Pattern

Use the checkboxes to track your progress
(1:23) The time codes match to the pattern video

01Main Section

Ch (Chain) 2

Rnd 1: Sc 6 times into the 2nd chain from the hook (6)

This (6) is the number of stitches that you’ll have by the end of the Rnd.

Rnd 2: Inc (increase) in each st around (12)

Rnd 3: [sc 1, inc 1] repeat 6 times total (18)

Notice how it’s written in brackets, with “repeat 6 times total” after it. This is how I write repetitions. It means keep doing what’s in the brackets 6 times.

Rnd 4: [sc 2, inc] repeat 6 times total (24)

Let’s look closer at our stitches. The single crochet you can see is just one V going in that hole. And the increase is two V’s going into one hole. This pattern is awesome because all the increases in each Rnd all the way around for the entire project are going where that second stitch from the Increase before is. So it will look like our increases are continuing on in the same spot all the way up.

This pattern is awesome for another reason too. Like I said before, we’re adding one single crochet for each Rnd in between increases; in Rnd 3 it was just one single crochet, and now there are two single crochets. This is how I crochet without using stitch markers at all. If you add the stitches from one increase to the next you’ll have 4 stitches (two single crochets, and one increase which is two single crochets together), and we’re on Rnd 4. So if you count the number of single crochet’s between increases and add two (to account for the increase) you’ll get the number of the Rnd that you’re on for this pattern.

Rnd :

Rnd 5: [sc 3, inc] repeat 6 times total (30)

As we continue on, if we still thought we were on Rnd 5, we would make 3 single crochets and then the increase, but if we did that, our increase wouldn’t go into the right spot, and look disjointed from the rest of the pattern. This is where noticing the difference between increases and single crochets can really come in handy. Now I know that I must be on Rnd 6 because there should be 4 single crochets between increases.

Rnd 6: [sc 4, inc] repeat 6 times total (36)

Rnd 7: [sc 5, inc] repeat 6 times total (42)

You could stop here and skip to the invisible end, but I’m going to go back a few stitches to make a simple handle so we can hang our coaster up on a hook.


Go back 3 stitches.
Pull out our final increase and a single crochet.

Ch 10 (Slip stitch) into the back loop of the first ch made.

Now re-do the three stitches you pulled out of Rnd 7. Sc 1, inc 1

Finally we’ll make an “Invisible End” to hide the end of the Rnd into the next st

03Hidden End

Now we’ll make something called a hidden (or invisible) end to hide the tail.

Cut the yarn and pull all the way through

Thread it on a needle, go around back of the next stitch, and into the center of the slip stitch we made.

Hide the ends in, and cut the tails close to the piece so it’s totally hidden.

And now we have a little coaster, so I don’t want to hear any excuses for why you didn’t use one!!

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New Themed Crochet Kit Bundles with all the materials to make 8 different projects, and a built in Club Crochet Membership!

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