Chapter 7: The Double Crochet

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Beginner difficulty


5 minutes



Let’s double it up. The double crochet (dc) is half a step more than the half-double crochet (hdc) and about double the size of a single crochet… wait.. is that why.. they’re named… Hmm..

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What you'll need

Cotton Yarn



Any Color

Crochet Hook

G6 / 4.00 mm



Chain Stitch




Single Crochet


Double Crochet


Half-Double Crochet


Yarn Over

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01The Double Crochet

The double crochet is another great way to get variation and it gives even more height to the stitch. It’s also is pretty fast to do, and because it’s so tall, you’ll feel like you’re getting the project made faster, making it a favorite for scarves and blankets!

The main downside is it will leave some holes in your piece due to how tall it is. Because of that, I don’t really use it for things like hats and amigurumi. Although, I do sometimes use double crochet stitches in a Rnd on a beanie to give it a kind add some extra design.

Here’s how a double crochet is made, the first three steps are the exact same as the half-double crochet.

Step 1: Start off by yarning over (yo)

Step 2: Insert your hook in the next stitch

Step 3: Yo and pull that loop through the stitch

Step 4: Yo again, and pull that loop through only 2 loops (not all three like the hdc)

Step 5: Finally yarn over again and pull that through the last two loops on the hook

For double crochet stitches (dcs), you’ll need to add 3 chs before the beginning of Rows (in the flat) kinda like with the hdc.

This also means that before measuring how many chs you’ll need before starting, you have to account for those 3 chs, so +3 to all beginning chs and ch 3 after turning when working in the flat.

Easy as that. Now you know how to make the double crochet! You know the 3 main stitches in crochet! And mostly all other stitches just use the techniques that you do in these 3 stitches, so you can learn almost any crochet stitch with these techniques now too!

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  1. It won‘t let me go on after this lesson, I just cant seem to get to the next lesson. I‘ve ticked all the boxes. What am I doing wrong??

  2. This works up quickly, let’s you see you made some progress. I often have beginners make a washcloth using this, because at first you are nervous, not wanting to goof up, and want to make something, this works up fairly quickly and gives the person a boost of confidence that they can makes things

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