Triceratops Amigurumi

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In this lesson we’ll be crocheting a Triceratops! The first of my mini dino themed patterns. This pattern is very succinct and can be made with almost no sewing together needed. It is accessible for beginners, but I always suggest browsing through Crocheting 101, my free intro crocheting course, for complete beginners!

Louie Mensinger

Created by

Louie’s Loops





~ 45 min

What you'll create

What you'll learn

What you'll need

Cotton Yarn



Crochet Hook

Size G6 / 4.00mm

Safety Bead Eyes

Size 6.00mm

Darning Needle


Get the kit!

Get the full dino kit for this pattern including all the materials and tutorials to make 5 different dinos in a variety of colors!


Other Useful Info


5 Rnds and 4 sts per 1” 
Finished piece is about 4.5” tall

Worked in the Round:

Unless otherwise stated

The Lesson


These boxes are checkboxes

These time codes correlate to the video for this lesson


The Horns (make 3)

[All in White]
Ch 2, Working in the BLO of the 2rd ch from the hook, sc 1

Ch 1, cut the yarn and pull through to sew along the neck and back.


m.p = Ch 2, working in the BLO of the 2nd ch from the hook, 1


The Body

[All in Main color]
Ch 2 or use the magic loop method

Rnd 1

Work 4 sc in 2nd ch from hook or into magic loop (4)

Rnd 2

sc 1, inc, working in BLO, sc 1, working in both loops, inc (6)

Rnd 3

inc in each st (12)

Rnd 4

[sc 3, inc] repeat 3 times (15)

Rnd 5

[sc 4, inc] repeat 3 times (18)

Rnd 6

sc 6, working in FLO, sc 1, [hdc 1, m.p, hdc 1] repeat 5 times, sc 1 (18 [+5 m.p])

Alternate Frill Option

Use the following Rnd to create an alternate version of the frill crown which is slightly larger and has a white edging. I’ve even made a second full length video for it which you can watch here!

Rnd 6*

sc 6, working in FLO, sc 1, hdc 1, dcinc 1, dc 1, dcinc 1, dc 2, dcinc 1, dc 1, dcinc 1, hdc 1, sc 1 (22)

Using a strand of white yarn begin going around the outer stitches of the frill towards the center. When you reach the center hide the end down through the center of the frill and into the body. Repeat this same process on the opposite side of the frill so that the white stitches are both pointing inward towards the center of the face.

Rnd 7

sc 6, working in BLO from Rnd 5, sc 12 (18)

Rnd 8

sc 1, bo, sc 2, bo, sc 13 (18)

(08:18) Add eyes and horns.

Rnd 9 – 11

sc in each st (18 x 3)

Rnd 12

sc 2, bo, sc 3, bo, sc 11 (18)

Rnd 13

sc in each st (18)

Rnd 14

[sc 1, invdec] repeat 6 times (12)

Stuff slightly.

Rnd 15

invdec, sc 2, invdec 4 (7)

Stuff fully.

Rnd 16

invdec, sc 1, invdec, sc 1, 1 (5)

Cut the yarn and pull through. Sew together


  1. Laurie Andersen

    Soooo CUUUUUTE! I just made it and it’s all cute and wistfully staring up at me, saying, “can I have a buddy?” Of course, cute I must make A HERD for you to be with 😀

  2. Rachel

    This was so fun to make! Would you ever consider making more dinosaur patterns? I’d love a little Stego friend for my Triceratops!

  3. Sunshine

    Louie, I just wanted to say Thank You for all these dino patterns.
    They go very well with the volcano and trees I’ve made.
    And my grandsons really love the set.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work in making the patterns.

  4. Sophiefink

    Hey! I love this pattern, but my only suggestion would be that for the rounds 9-11 where yourjust doing the same thing severala times, can you put a checkbox for each round? like for that step have 3 check boxes?

  5. Kitty

    Hey I have a question, how do you get your bobbles so prominent? Mine seem to barely poke out but yours are like little feet!

  6. William Carey

    I wondered if, since this is a free pattern, I could sell these little guys on Etsy, or would you prefer me not to. Btw they are so cute and a great pattern.

  7. Emrys

    This pattern is weird and confusing, my project didn’t even turn out remotely right. Will try again but I’m very frustrated.

  8. Funcai

    My membership level is suppose to contain printer friendly PDFs, but it always brings me to the change member ship level page. Am I missing something here?

  9. K

    I’m going to be making a lot of these. They are soooo cute! Everyone loves them and wants one. It was very easy. So far I have made two of each frill type.

  10. Rachel Sedrick

    I made the pattern but somehow I didn’t get legs! I followed the pattern so am not sure what I did wrong. Watching the video you have legs but this doesn’t. What am I missing?