Annual Pass

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With an Annual Pass you get 4 Seasonal Kits shipped to you over the next 12 months, each kit including 6 planned projects, for over 24 projects throughout the year! You also get 12 months of membership to Club Crochet, a bonus pin in each seasonal kit, and a physical copy of Club Crochet: Volume 1 at the end of the year!

What's Included:

Each kit includes all the materials you'll need to make all 6 projects in the themed season. That includes high quality 100% cotton yarn, safety eyes, stuffing, and any other miscellaneous materials you'll need for the dedicated projects, such as wire, pom-poms, and thread.

4 Seasonal Kits Each Including:

  • 6 Balls of 100% Cotton Yarn – 200 ft
  • 1+ Mini Balls of Yarn – 25 ft
  • 6mm Safety Eyes x 10+
  • 8mm Safety Eyes x 10+
  • Black Thread - 10 ft
  • Misc Project Specific Materials - Ie. Pom poms, wire, pipe cleaners, etc.
  • Stuffing - 2 packets
  • Yarn Holder Box
  • Bonus Seasonal Enamel Pin!
  • Club Crochet Amigurumi Patterns: Volume 1 - Physical book copy (Shipped at end of year)
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Projects Photo

The Projects:

Each kit includes 6 unique projects designed for the materials included. It also includes dozens of additional alternative patterns that can also be made with your membership! Here are the next 4 themes which will be included with your Annual Pass:

  • Season 1: Photosynthesis – Projects designed around plants and nature!
  • Season 2: Under the Sea – Fish, crustaceans, and other surprises found under the waves!
  • Season 3: Holiday Hooks – From Halloween to Christmas, these projects are filled with holiday spirit!
  • Season 4: Sweet Stitches – Sugar, spice, and everything nice, plus a bit of yarn and stuffing of course!

Beginner Friendly!

The projects in this kit are designed with beginners in mind with a scaling level of difficulty. You can start with our first, completely beginner friendly pattern, and work your way up in difficulty!
  • Full length video tutorials for each pattern!
  • Printer friendly PDFs
  • Interactive eBook
  • Bonus 10 chapter beginner series included
  • Weekly live crochet alongs with the designer!

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