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Seasonal Kit

In this seasonal kit inspired by the cosmos, you'll find a variety of space-themed projects, from aliens and UFOs, to the stars in the sky, and even the planet Earth! With a string of lights and keychain, stuffing, eyes, and thread, plus our exclusive Club Crochet Amigurumi Cotton yarn, this crochet kit has everything you need to never miss a stitch on these interstellar creations.

What's Included:

This kit includes all the materials you'll need to make all 6 projects in the themed season PLUS 3 month's of Club Crochet Pattern Membership with access to over 300 additional patterns in the library!

The Materials:

  • 6 Balls of 100% Cotton Yarn – 200 ft
    • Red, White, Yellow, Grey, Sage Green, and Blue
  • 2 Mini Balls of Yarn – 25 ft
    • Pink
    • Black
  • 6mm Safety Eyes x 10
  • 8mm Safety Eyes x 10
  • Black Thread - 10 ft
  • Keychain
  • String of Lights
  • Strong Wire
  • 2 Stuffing Packets
Yarn and materials included with the kit
Crocheted pieces made from the materials in the kit

The Projects:

This kit includes 10 Unique Projects designed for the materials included. However, it also includes dozens of additional alternative patterns that can also be made with your membership!

  • Rocket Ship
  • Stars and Moon Amigurumi
  • UFO and Alien Amigurumi
  • Planet Earth Amigurumi
  • Astronaut Amigurumi
  • Sun Amigurumi
  • Bix the Alien
  • Saturn Planet Amigurumi
  • CroBot 3000 Amigurumi
  • 35+ Alternative patterns!

Beginner Friendly!

The projects in this kit are designed with beginners in mind with a scaling level of difficulty! You can start with our first, completely beginner friendly pattern, and work your way up in difficulty!
  • Full length video tutorials for each pattern!
  • Printer friendly PDFs
  • Interactive eBook
  • Bonus 10 chapter beginner series included
  • Weekly live crochet alongs with the designer!

Annual Pass

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