Stars and Moons Amigurumi

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In this lesson we’ll be crocheting stars in different shapes and sizes and an amigurumi moon! This tutorial series will teach you how to crochet 6 stars in alternating sizes and shapes, how to sew them together to create toys, and even how to make a smiling moon amigurumi!

Louie Mensinger

Created by

Louie’s Loops





~ 15 – 30 min per item

What you'll create

What you'll learn


Sewing Together Stars


Crescent Moon

What you'll need

Cotton Yarn



Crochet Hook

Size G6 / 4.00mm

Safety Bead Eyes

Size 6.00mm

Darning Needle


Other Useful Info


5 Rnds and 4 sts per 1” 

Worked in the Round

The Lesson


These boxes are checkboxes

These time codes correlate to the video for this lesson


Star 1

Magic loop

Rnd 1

[sc 1, mp 1] repeat 5 times (5 +5 mp)

Slst in first st made, cut the yarn and pull through. Hide the ends.


mp = Mini Picot (ch 2, slst in the back loop of the first ch made)


{ } = Worked in the same stitch


Star 2

Magic loop

Rnd 1

sc 5 in the magic loop (5)

Rnd 2

inc in each st (10)

Rnd 3

[slst 1, ch 1, {hdc 1, mp, hdc 1}, ch 1] repeat 5 times (20, +5 mp)

Slst in first st made, cut the yarn and pull through. Hide the ends.


Star 3

Magic loop

Rnd 1

sc 10 into the magic loop, join with a slst (10)

Rnd 2

ch 2, hdc in the same st, [hdcinc 1] repeat 9 times, join round with a slst (20)

Rnd 3

ch 1, {sc 1, hdc 1} in the same st, {dc 1, tr 1}, {tr 1, dc 1}, {hdc 1, sc 1}, [{sc 1, hdc 1}, {dc 1, tr 1}, {tr 1, dc 1}, {hdc 1, sc 1}] repeat 4 times (40)

Slst in first st made, cut the yarn and pull through. Hide the ends.


Sewing Together

You can sew your stars together to create a thicker more sturdy star. This is a great option for turning these into toys, or using them to hang from a keychain or baby mobile. This is also highly suggested for your larger stars like Star 2 and 3 as it provides a lot more durability to your star (unless you’re sewing it onto an object of course).

To sew stars together, first crochet 2 of identical stars. After hiding the ends of both stars, keep the tail ends long. Line the stars up so that the front is facing opposite ways, and the points of the stars aline. Also try to make the hidden end on both stars as close as possible.

Begin sewing the stars together with a whip stitch using 1 of the two long tail ends. Make sure the stitches align. You can work the whip stitch into both loops of each star, or just the inside loops (front and back loops of either star).

Try to make sure points of your star are not covered up by a stitch as you sew them together.

If you sewed the stars together using both loops of each half, consider going backwards with a whip stitch around a second time in reverse. This can create “V“ seams which mimic a single crochet stitch and might look nicer.

When you return around the star, double knot the two tail ends and hide the ends in by threading them on a darning needle and sewing back into the center of the star.

Work 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook or into magic hoop (6)

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    Also, the written pattern for the moon neglects to mention you need to turn each row (pattern says round but should say row); this may confuse some so it should be corrected.

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