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Quick and easy pattern for how to crochet flowers with an open hole in the center! You can button these onto hats or connect them together to make a string of flowers for a party!!

Because they’re so quick to make, I like to make them on the bus and give them to strangers 🙂 Enjoy!

The Materials:
•The Yarn (Worsted Weight)
– 2 Colors
•Size G6/4.00mm Hook

Worked in the round

The Stitches:
– Ch : Chain stitch
– St : Stitch
– Sl.st : Slip Stitch
– Sc : Single Crochet
– Hdc : Half Double Crochet
– Dc : Double Crochet
– M.p : Mini Picot (ch 2, sl.st into the back loop of the 2nd ch from the hook)

The Pattern

[Starting in Color A]

Ch 6, sl.st into the first ch to create a ring

Rnd 1: Sc 15 times around the ring (not into the chs, but into the center of the ring), Sl.st into the first ch made (15 sc + 1 sl.st)

[Change to Color B]*
(* = optional)

Rnd 2: [ch 6, skip 2 sts, sl.st in 3rd st] repeat 5 times (30 ch + 5 sl.st)

Rnd 3: [Working around the chs from Rnd 2: sc 2, hdc 2, dc 2, hdc 2, sc 2. Working into the connecting st from Rnd 1: Sl.st 1] repeat 5 times (20 sc + 20 hdc + 10 sc + 5 sl.st = 55 total)

*You can make a mini picot (ch 2, sl.st into the back loop of the 2nd ch from the hook) between the dcs in Rnd 3 to get a pointed petel.

Cut the yarn, pull through through and sew back into the piece. Hide the ends.

You can use a 1/2” – 1” button to fasten it onto any surface!

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