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Seasonal Kit Photosynthesis

In this seasonal kit inspired by plant life, you'll find a variety of projects that feature different aspects of plants, from flowers and succulents, to trees and cactus, and even hour home itself! We hope these patterns bring a touch of nature to your crochet projects and inspire you to create your own unique designs.

What's Included:

This kit includes all the materials you'll need to make all 6 projects in the themed season PLUS 3 month's of Club Crochet Pattern Membership with access to over 300 additional patterns in the library!

The Materials:

  • 6 Balls of 100% Cotton Yarn – 200 ft
    • Brown, Forest Green, Country Green, Yellow, Beige, and Blue
  • 2 Mini Balls of Yarn – 25 ft
    • Black and White
  • 6mm Safety Eyes x 10
  • 8mm Safety Eyes x 10
  • Black Thread - 10 ft
  • 9” of strong wire
  • 3 Pipe Cleaners
  • 10 Green Pompoms
  • 2 Stuffing Packets

The Projects:

This kit includes 6 Unique Projects designed for the materials included. However, it also includes dozens of additional alternative patterns that can also be made with your membership!

  • Cactus Amigurumi Plants
  • Planet Earth Keychain
  • Bonsai Tree Planter
  • Sunflower Stand
  • Succulent Amigurumi Planter
  • Flower Coasters and Pad
  • 35+ Alternative patterns!

Beginner Friendly!

The projects in this kit are designed with beginners in mind with a scaling level of difficulty! You can start with our first, completely beginner friendly pattern, and work your way up in difficulty!
  • Full length video tutorials for each pattern!
  • Printer friendly PDFs
  • Interactive eBook
  • Bonus 10 chapter beginner series included
  • Weekly live crochet alongs with the designer!

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    10/10 amazing kit! It comes with everything you need to make several Club Crochet patterns. The yarn is SO good. It’s such high quality and easy to work with. It makes every stitch so visible and clean. The best part is, it doesn’t fray or come apart while you’re working with it like a lot of regular cotton yarn does. You get all the supplies you would ever need and the CUTEST little pins. Even the box itself is creative and can be turned into a yarn holder. It’s actually a really nice little workstation. I just pack up the entire box and can take it on the go. It’s pretty compact and doesn’t take up too much space, but yet it’s big enough to hold everything together nicely while I work on things. The patterns are always great and easy to follow, with clear instructions and video tutorials if you get confused or just need a little more clarification. The ability to customize everything leaves so much room for creativity.

    The seasons are just long enough to give me some time to work on all of the patterns without feeling like I have to rush, or that I’m running out of time before the next one. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the future kits! Louie is awesome and is always around if you need help or have questions. The community is so friendly and encouraging, and it’s so fun to see and share creations with each other. I’ve been a very long time Club Crochet member and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who loves crochet or wants to start learning!

  2. Tom the Yeti (verified owner)

    This kit is amazing! I’ve been a Club Crochet fan, and member, for many years and loved every minute of it, and now Louie has topped himself again with these new kits. The patterns are great, I especially love the new cactus patterns because they’re so cute and customizable, but the yarn is really what takes it to another level. This is custom-made, extremely high quality 100% cotton yarn perfectly designed for amigurumi. The colors are beautiful, the yarn is strong (no more breaking when closing up magic rings!), and it isn’t fuzzy at all, so you don’t get that halo effect. What you end up with are the most crisp, clean stitches, and thus amigurumi, that I’ve ever seen. If that’s not enough, you also get a ton of extra supplies, like safety eyes, stuffing, pom poms, and wire to round out the kit. I got the annual pass and can’t wait to see what else is in store with the other kits, secret patterns, pins, and the pattern book!

    Louie’s a great guy and he makes the best small amigurumi patterns out there. So, do yourself a favor and grab this kit — or the pass! — and support an awesome guy and his small business.

  3. janex9697 (verified owner)

    100 STARS!!! Where to begin… FUN!! This box is super fun!! I love the patterns! I especially love the MYSTERY patterns that are released throughout the season! The PDFs allow you to check off as you go so no need to print to keep track of where you are at. The patterns are perfect, easy to read and have videos!! Plus, there are beginner and intermediate patterns to choose from! VALUE!!! I couldn’t believe how much yarn, stuffing, eyes and supplies were in my box!! Way more than enough to complete all the projects and extras!! QUALITY!! This yarn is AWESOME!! The colors are rich and coordinate perfectly, the yarn is wound in such a way it falls off the skein smoothly – no stopping to pull more yarn or re-winding the skein!! It is so nice to work with, it doesn’t split nor is it fuzzy, the end result creates a firm project and no holes for the stuffing to poke through and there is sooo much yarn on one skein it seems to never run out! CREATIVE!! Even the box itself…the box is designed to serve as a yarn holder!! How clever is that?! Plus, you get a cute little pin for each season (I can’t wait for next season!) If you purchase the annual pass you receive a book as well – yes – a book! With all the patterns!! I still love having a physical book to look through, I can’t wait to receive it! I usually don’t write reviews (I should but I don’t take the time) but I just had to as my kit is AWESOME!! I love crochet kits!! They are my little treat to myself as it’s so easy to just grab the kit when I have some free time instead of wasting time searching for a pattern/yarn etc and I just LOVE all the cute patterns!