Sunflower Pattern


In this lesson we’ll be crocheting a life-sized sunflower! This pattern is requires nearly no sewing at all and is shockingly quick to create, and using a wire in the body to make it pose-able and able to wrap around surfaces!

Louie Mensinger

Created by

Louie’s Loops





~ 1 hours

What you'll create

What you'll learn


Flower Center

What you'll need

Cotton Yarn



Crochet Hook

Size G6 / 4.00mm

Strong Wire

Darning Needle


Other Useful Info


5 Rnds and 4 sts per 1” 
Finished piece is about 12” long

Worked in the Round

without turning

The Lesson


These boxes are checkboxes

These time codes correlate to the video for this lesson


Flower Center

[Starting in Brown]
Magic loop

Rnd 1

sc 6 in the magic loop (6)

Rnd 2

inc in each st (12)

Rnd 3

[sc 1, inc 1] 6 times (18)

Rnd 4

[sc 2, inc 1] 6 times (24)

[Change to Yellow/Brown] (*optional see note below)

Note: The following Rnd can include an optional color changes using a (somewhat) advanced technique called the Perfect Stripe method where we’ll be making a round of half color changes. You can continue in all Brown if you don’t feel comfortable with half color changes.

It’s also suggested you start a round in a new color by slst 1 into the first st, ch 1 in the new color, then continue the next round starting in the same st you slst into.

To learn more watch the techniques video tutorial at:

Rnd 5

sc in each st (24)

[Change to all Yellow] Continue to Petals in the next section…



(continuing from Rnd 5…)
[All in Yellow]

{ } = Worked into the same stitch

mp = Mini Picot (ch 2, slst in the blo of the 2nd ch from the hook)

Rnd 6

Working in the FLO of each st around

[{slst 1, petal chain (ch 6, turn skip the first ch, slst in each ch down), slst 1 in same FLO}, slst 1] Repeat this 12 times to make 12 petal chains around (12 petal chains with a slst between)

Rnd 7

[Starting in the base of the petal ch, sc 1, working up the petal ch, hdc 1 in next 3 chs,

working in the end of the petal ch {hdc 2, mp 1, hdc 2},

working back down the petal ch, hdc 1 in next 3 chs,

sc 1 in the base of the petal ch, 

slst 1 in the same st as the slst from Rnd 6]

Repeat 12 times for each petal ch around (12 petals total)

Cut the yarn, and pull through, sew this into the back, you’ll be working around this tail end to hide it in the next Rnd.



[Continuing in Green]

Make a slip knot in Green, pull through the first unused BLO from Rnd 5 (before the petals), ch 1

Rnd 8

Starting in the same BLO you pulled through, sc in each BLO around (24)

Rnd 9

Working in both loops from here on, [sc 2, invdec 1] 6 times (18)

Rnd 10

[sc 1, invdec 1] 6 times (12)

Rnd 11

invdec in each (6)

Stuff the flower petal fully.

Rnd 12 – ?

sc in each st (6 x ?)

Repeat until the desired length. I like making my stem around 9 inches long which is about 40 rounds total give or take depending on gauge.

When you get to your desired length, cut and pull through.

Sew on the leaf around the center of the stem, and stuff up with a strong wire to the tip. Finally, sew closed and give to someone you fancy!

If you add a wire on the inside you’ll be able to twist your flower to stand on it’s own or around a pole!



{ } = Worked into the same stitch

dtr = Double Trebble Crochet
yo (aka yarn over) 3 times, insert into the next st, yo and pull through,
[yo and pull through 2] 3 times

[All in Green]
Ch 15

Rnd 1

starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, slst in each ch across (14)

Rnd 2A

Don’t turn, working into the same chs from Rnd 1,

ch 2, {hdc 1, dc 1, in first st}, tr 2, dtr 2, tr 2, dc 1, hdc 2, sc 3, slst 1 (14)

Rnd 2B

Turn your piece 180°, working in the bottom of the chs starting with the same ch,

ch 1, slst 2, sc 2, hdc 2, dc 1, tr 2, dtr 2, tr 2, {dc 1, hdc 1, ch 1, slst 1 in last st} (16)

Cut the yarn, and pull through. Weave this end into the same st that you slst into. Use the two tail ends to sew onto the stem.

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  1. Hi Louie. I don’t know if it is just me but this pattern is kind of confusing. Not trying to add on to your to do list but do you think you could re write it in more detail or change the video from the live stream to a tutorial? Thank you!!

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