Pumpkin Amigurumi

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In this complete beginner tutorial we’ll be crocheting pumpkins without sewing anything together! This amigurumi crochet pattern is designed for absolute beginners.

Louie Mensinger

Created by

Louie’s Loops



Beginner – Easy


~ 2 hours

What you'll create

What you'll need

Cotton Yarn



Crochet Hook

Size G6 / 4.00mm

Darning Needle






Front / Back Loops Only


Mini Picot (ch 2, slst into the back loop of the first ch)

Other Useful Info


5 Rnds and 4 sts per 1”


Finished piece is about 4″ long


In the round (without turning)

The Lesson


These boxes are checkboxes

These time codes correlate to the video for this lesson



[Starting in Green]
Magic Loop

Rnd 1

sc 6 in magic loop (6)

Rnd 2

slst 1, ch 1, working in the BLO (starting in the same st as the slst) sc in each st (6)

Rnds 3-6+

sc in each st (6 x ?)

Continue to the vine. Do not cut the yarn.

Make your stem longer by repeating Rnd 6 until the desired length. Make the vine longer by chaining more than 15.



[Continuing from the stem in Green]
Slst 1, ch 15+

Starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, slst in each ch down to the stem. Slst 1 in the FLO of the next st in the Rnd.

Cut the yarn, pull through. Twist the vine to make a corkscrew shape.

Continue to the pumpkin body.


Pumpkin Body

[Continuing in Orange]
Make a slip knot and pull through the same FLO st that you last slst from the vine, ch 1.

Rnd 7

working in the FLO, starting in the same st you pulled through, inc in each (12)

Rnd 8

[sc 1, inc 1] 6 times (18)

Rnd 9

[sc 2, inc 1] 6 times (24)

Rnd 10

[sc 3, inc 1] 6 times (30)

Rnd 11

[sc 4, inc 1] 6 times (36)

Rnd 12

[sc 5, inc 1] 6 times (42)

Make your pumpkin larger by continuing the pattern of increasing rounds after Rnd 12. For example: [sc 6, inc 1] 6 times (48)
Be sure to decrease similarly after your ‘sc in each’ rounds though!

Rnds 13-24+

sc in each (42 x 12)

Make the pumpkin taller by repeating Rnd 24 as many times as you want. In this picture I made 15 rounds total (12 is ‘normal’).

Rnd 25

[sc 5, invdec 1] 6 times (36)

Rnd 26

[sc 4, invdec 1] 6 times (30)

Rnd 27

[sc 3, invdec 1] 6 times (24)

Stuff somewhat.

Add eyes and a mouth now if desired.

Rnd 28

[sc 2, invdec 1] 6 times (18)

Rnd 29

[sc 1, invdec 1] 6 times (12)

Stuff mostly.

Rnd 30

invdec in each (6)

Cut the yarn and pull through. Stuff fully and sew closed.


Shaping the Pumpkin

[Continuing in Orange]

To shape the pumpkin, gather a long strand of Orange yarn and fold in half to make it two strands. Thread this onto a needle and try to make sure both ends of the strands are a similar length.

Enter the pumpkin through a miscellaneous stitch on the side and exit out of one of the 6 stitches at the base. Make sure to leave the two ends with enough sticking out to double knot when we are finished. Pull the long end up to the top of the pumpkin, try to make sure that it forms a straight line to a stitch along the base of the stem.

You should end by entering into the base, and exit through where the original 2 strands were left sticking out of the miscellaneous stitch on the side. Tie tightly and double knot both of these together. Cut close and stuff it back into the piece using the back of a needle.



[All in Green]
Make a slip knot and Ch 12

Row 1A

skip 2 chs, starting in the 3rd ch from the hook, working in the BLO of the chains, dc 1, tr 2, mp, tr 1, dc 1, tr 1, mp, tr 1, dc 1, hdc 1, sc 1, mp (10 +3mp)

Make sure to work around the long tail end throughout your next row all the way to the end. You will use this tail end to help sew onto the pumpkin.

Row 1B

turn the piece 180°, working in the bottom loop of the chains, sc 1, hdc 1, dc 1, tr 1, mp, tr 1, dc 1, tr 1, mp, tr 2, dc 1 (10 +2mp)

Ch 2, slst 1 in the same st as the last dc. Cut the yarn and pull through. Pull this back into the last stitch so that both tail ends are on the back side of the leaf.

Sew this onto the top of the pumpkin by threading both tail ends through adjacent stitches
and exiting through the same close by stitch where they can be double knotted tightly. Cut the ends short and stuff into the pumpkin with the back of a needle.

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