Birthday Party Hat

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In this hat lesson we’ll be crocheting a party hat for amigurumi. This crochet pattern video tutorial is will teach you how to crochet a party hat in any size, and teach you how to customize it with stripes and a pom-pom!

Louie Mensinger

Created by

Louie’s Loops





~ 30 min – 1 hour

What you'll create

What you'll learn

What you'll need

Cotton Yarn



Crochet Hook

Size G6 / 4.00mm

Darning Needle



Front / Back Loops Only

Other Useful Info


5 Rnds and 4 sts per 1” 
Finished piece is about 2” tall+

Worked in the Round

The Lesson


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Party Hat

[Starting in Main Color] Magic loop

Rnd 1

sc 4 into the magic loop (4)

Rnd 2

[sc 1, inc 1] 2 times (6)

Rnd 3

sc in each st (6)

Rnd 4

[sc 2, inc 1] 2 times (8)

Rnd 5

sc in each st (8)

Rnd 6

[sc 3, inc 1] 2 times (10)

Slst 1, cut the yarn and pull through leaving a long enough end to sew onto the birb head.

Add a mini ball of yarn (or pom-pom) sewn onto the tip.

Add a stripe around by wrapping around with the same color as the ball, and then sewing it on in various locations up the hat. See video for additional details.

To make your party hat even bigger. Repeat Rnds 5 and 6 making one additional sc in Rnd 6 between increases to make it slowly increase in size.

For example…

Rnd 7: sc in each st (10)

Rnd 8: [sc 4, inc 1] 2 times (12)

For this larger hat I added lines of slip stitches around and mini stars! You can find the star pattern at