The Magic Loop Method

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5 minutes



The Magic Loop, sometimes “Magic Ring” method in crocheting is an alternate way to get started when crocheting In the Round. The method I usually use is the Ch 2 method, where you simply chain 2 and work your stitches into the 2nd chain from the hook. While the ch 2 method might be better for beginners due to it’s simplicity, the Magic Loop method definitely has some pros. The main being that it keeps a very tight hole in the center and you don’t have to worry about an oversized opening in the beginning of your piece. It is a bit more complicated to achieve though.

What you'll create

What you'll learn

What you'll need

Cotton Yarn



Any Color

Crochet Hook

G6 / 4.00 mm



Chain Stitch




Single Crochet


Yarn Over

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Follow along in the Crocheting 101 eBook on pages 181-185

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The Pattern

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01The Magic Loop

To make the Magic Loop method, wrap the yarn around your index finger 3 times, holding the end attached to the ball in your bottom three fingers, and the tail end between your middle and ring finger.

Insert the hook under the first two loops and yarn over using the third loop

Pull this through the first two loops, yarn over and pull through again, basically making a chain around the first two loops.

You can now pull it off of your finger, and work a single crochet around the two loops.

Make the rest of the stitches you’ll need for Rnd 1, in this case 6 scs total, so we need five more.

Pull the top loop, which should tighten the bottom loop. Make it as tight as you think you’ll need.

And pull the tail to tighten the top loop.

Now continue as you normally would by single crocheting into the first single crochet made, but be sure to work around this tail end to hide it and make sure that the magic loop doesn’t come undone.

Magic Loops are a great alternative to the Ch 2 method, but they can be tricky to get right. I still find myself more often using the Ch 2 method because of it’s simplicity, but I can’t deny the benefits to the Magic Loop method.

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New Themed Crochet Kit Bundles with all the materials to make 8 different projects, and a built in Club Crochet Membership!

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