Giant Strawberry Amigurumi


In this beginner crochet tutorial we’ll be learning how to crochet a giant amigurumi strawberry! Learn how to make a regular or chocolate covered version with this free pattern by DrewbiesZoo!

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~ 3 hours

What you'll create

What you'll learn


Strawberry Body


Calyx (Leaves)

What you'll need

Cotton Yarn



Crochet Hook

Size G6 / 4.00mm

Safety Bead Eyes

Size 10.00mm

Darning Needle


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Get the full kit for this pattern including all the materials I use to make this project!


Other Useful Info


5 Rnds and 4 sts per 1” 
Finished piece is about 5” tall

Worked in the Round:

Unless otherwise stated

The Lesson


These boxes are checkboxes

These time codes correlate to the video for this lesson


The Strawberry

[Starting in Brown or Red]
Magic loop

Rnd 1

sc 6 in the magic loop (6)

Rnd 2

inc in each st (12)

Rnd 3

[sc 1, inc 1] 6 times (18)

Rnd 4

[sc 2, inc 1] 6 times (24)

Rnd 5

[sc 11, inc 1] 2 times (26)

Rnd 6

[sc 12, inc 1] 2 times (28)

Rnd 7

sc in each st (28)

Rnd 8

[sc 13, inc 1] 2 times (30)

Rnd 9

sc in each st (30)

Rnd 10

[sc 4, inc 1] 6 times (36)

Rnd 11

sc in each st (36)

Rnd 12

[sc 5, inc 1] 6 times (42)

Rnd 13

sc in each st (42)

Rnd 14

[sc 6, inc 1] 6 times (48)

Rnd 15 – 16

sc in each st (48 x 2)

To add a drippy border between the color changes of your chocolate covered strawberry try using this extra round before changing colors.

Rnd 16B

working in the FLO, [sc 1, hdc 1, dc 2, hdc 1, sc 1] 8 times (48)
Slst 1, cut the yarn, pull through and hide the end.

Create a slip knot in Red and pull through the first unused BLO from Rnd 16. Ch 1 and work Rnd 17 (all sc stitches) into the BLO stitches from Rnd 16 starting in the same stitch you pulled through to start.

See video at (48:09) for detailed instructions.

[Change to Red if you are making a chocolate covered strawberry]


Try using the Perfect Stripe Method to get a clean color change for a chocolate covered strawberry and don’t want to try the drippy border!

Rnd 17 – 20

sc in each st (48 x 4)

Adding the Face

Add the eyes around Rnds 13 – 14 and about 7 – 9 stitches apart (depending on preference). Try embroidering on eyelashes just under the eyes before locking in.

Embroider a mouth between the eyes and slightly lower, and cheeks in Pink just under the eyes.

See video at (1:04:04) for details on how to add the face.

Rnd 21

[sc 6, invdec 1] 6 times (42)

Rnd 22

[sc 5, invdec 1] 6 times (36)

Rnd 23

[sc 4, invdec 1] 6 times (30)

Stuff mostly.

Rnd 24

[sc 3, invdec 1] 6 times (24)

Rnd 25

[sc 2, invdec 1] 6 times (18)

Rnd 26

[sc 1, invdec 1] 6 times (12)

Rnd 27

invdec in each (6)

Stuff fully and sew closed.

(1:39:26) Embroider on seeds using Yellow yarn on any areas in Red around 8 st apart and stagger them on every other round.


{} = worked in the same stitch
ie. {sc 3} an increase +1 in one stitch

p = Picot
(ch 3, slst in BLO of the 1st ch made)


The Calyx (aka Leaves)

[All in Green]
Magic loop

Rnd 1

sc 6 in the magic loop (6)

Rnd 2 – 4

sc in each st (6 x 3)

Rnd 5

working in the FLO, inc in each st (12)

Rnd 6

[sc 1, inc 1] 6 times (18)

Rnd 7

[sc 2, inc 1] 6 times (24)

Rnd 8

[skip 1 st, {dc 2, p, dc 2}, skip 1 st, slst 1] 6 times (6 leaves)

Slst 1, cut the yarn and pull through leaving a long enough end to sew onto the strawberry.

Sew this onto the top of the strawberry by using the first tail end to go through the very cen- ter of the top and out an adjacent stitch on the side. Then use the other tail end to sew on the corners between leaves to their adjacent stitch. Exit out of the same place as the previous tail end, double knot together, cut close and stuff into the body.

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