Get the full bundle of crocheted Avengers patterns including:

Iron Man
Captain America
The Hulk
Dr Strange

Includes instructions on how to make the characters into finger puppets!

Every pattern includes a full length video tutorial, so you’ll never miss a stitch

Individual Patterns

Try out these crocheted Avengers Pod Puppets with this free tutorial for a crocheted Iron Man!

Crochet the first Avenger with. Put on a puppet show for your kids, or add him to a keychain and hang him off your backpack!

Purchase the individual pattern | $2.99

This adorable little Hulk will SMASH his way into your heart. Also through some buildings… a couple of bad guys… maybe a helicopter… 

Purchase the individual pattern | $2.99

Dr. Strange got lost in the finger puppet dimension. Now he makes appearances at childrens parties and hanging off of back packs.

Purchase the individual pattern | $2.99

Crocheting this little Thanos was a snap…

Purchase the individual pattern | $2.99

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