Chapter 1: Get a Grip

Louie Mensinger

Learn all the basics to crochet! The complete website, video series and ebook, designed to teach how to crochet for even the most yarn illiterate and offered 100% free.
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How it works:

The Lessons

Crocheting 101 consists of 10 chapters, each building upon the last to teach you the next technique.

The Projects

In between chapters are 7 Projects, which give you the opportunity to not only put your new skills to the test, but also actually make something

The Test

At the end of your lessons is one last final project for a beanie, which includes all the techniques you've learned throughout the course!

Introduction Video:

The Materials:

Throughout this course you will need a variety of materials to use on both learning the techniques and creating the projects. Here’s what you’ll need:

• The Yarn (2)
     – Worsted Weight Cotton (Projects 1 – 6 + Practice Yarn)
     – Medium Weight Acrylic (Project 7: Classic Beanie)
• The Hooks (2)
     – Aluminum Size G6/4.00 mm Crochet Hook
     – Aluminum Size I9/5.50 mm Crochet Hook
• Stuffing
• Darning Needle
• Stitch Marker
• Scissors

Optional: Sewing needle, thread, and a button

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25 thoughts on “Crocheting 101: How to Crochet for Complete Beginners”

  1. I’m having similar issues with Lesson one. It won’t let me leave a comment, and there is no way to “complete” the lesson and move on to Lesson 2. I’ve tried using both Safari and Chrome browsers with no luck 🙁

  2. Hi! I can’t submit comments on Chapter 1, and none of the check mark boxes are showing up on the chapter as well. I have to log out and access the lessons through the pdf. But the lessons are great so far!

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