❄️ Decembers Monthly Hookup ☃️

*Ho Ho Ho*

Another month, another fat stranger breaking and entering into my house and leaving me gifts. Well, at least I’ve got all these new crocheted things to keep me warm! Here’s the new patterns for December:

December Patterns

crocheted top hat by club crochet
Santa Hat
crocheted snowman amigurumi by club crochet
Snowman Amigurumi
Button-on Elf Ears

New Tutorials

Next Month’s Theme

You all voted for next months theme on the websites poll, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and CraftyAmino and the winner for next months theme was…

The Legend of Zelda!

So expect a lot of Zelda themed crocheted creations soon!!

Hope you guys have a great holiday!

Pasta la Pizza


🍁 Novembers Monthly Hookup 🦃

*Gobble gobble gobble*

November’s here! I never really enjoyed stuffing… until I started crocheting. Now I make stuffed things on a daily basis! Here’s the new patterns and tutorials from November:

November Noms

By noms I mean ‘patterns’… they just all happen to be about food.. nom nom, get it?
(I never should have explained that…)

Chef Amigurumi
Turkey Leg
Steak Keychain
Tommy the Turkey

New Tutorials

New Groups

Book n’ Hook Club

This group is for the monthly book club. We listen to audiobooks and crochet! Come suggest and vote on books you like and discuss.

Suggest a Book

While I Crochet

Things you enjoy doing while you’re crocheting! Share and discuss playlists, audio books, tv, movies… really whatever as long as you can crochet while doing it!

Share your favorite tunes to crochet to

November’s Kit

November’s monthly Club Crochet kit is to make Tommy the Turkey! Just in time to pardon for Thanksgiving dinner.

The kit includes all the yarn, stuffing, eyes, and pipecleaners needed, oh and the pattern of course.

If you’re a member of Club Crochet Pro your kit should be arriving soon, if you’re not yet, you should become one! You get a new kit mailed to you every month and we even crochet it together during a live stream! I also have extra kits, so you can still order one 

Update: New YouTube Channel for Patterns!

For the past 2 years or so I’ve been trying to figure out what my main YouTube channel, Louie’s Loops is.

It began as a fun YouTube channel where I made pattern videos, stop motion animations, and vlogs of my life, and it was so much fun. But as time went on it started to become less about my life, and more about the patterns and how to videos for crochet.

I love making tutorial videos and I think I’m really good at it, but that is not what I want Louie’s Loops to be, Louie’s Loops is me, not just patterns and tutorials. This is why I felt it was a great time to start a new YouTube channel built to go along with my new site, Club Crochet. The new channel is focused only on tutorials and how to’s.

Subscribe to the new channel here

If you’re into crocheting (which I have a sneaking suspicious you are…) check out the new channel, Club Crochet. I’ll be posting videos and live-streaming patterns and projects regularly.

If you’d like to subscribe, make sure to hit the bell icon to be notified when I post a new pattern or go live; that’s the only way to really be notified of new videos.

And if your a fan of Louie’s Loops and like what I make there, don’t worry. This will give me a chance to get way more into making fun videos, creatures, and animations, and I don’t have to worry about the clutter of how to crochet videos in the mix. This is mostly just keep everything a little more organized and easier to handle.

Thanks so much for sticking around with me through all the bumps and curves while trying to figure out where Louie’s Loops is going. I truly appreciate it.

Pasta la’ Pizza