Loop and Purl – Episode 13

After a chaotic and very busy start to the year, Lou and Jules decide to unwind during the first episode of 2022. Dress up in your comfiest clothes, go grab some hot cocoa, and bring along your craft project as you join Lou and Jules on the couch for the first (and probably not last) Loop & Purl Pajama Party!

Loop and Purl – Episode 14

Mmmmm, smell that? Smells like a new episode! Or maybe roses? In this episode of the Loop and Purl Podcast, Jules and Lou chat about their favorite flowers, as well as family and fiber. Craft-along with them as Jules shares her experience dying yarn for the first time and Lou shows off his cookiest creation yet!

Loop and Purl – Episode 12

‘Tis the season to pick up your crochet hooks or knitting needles and get to stitchin’! While you’re sipping hot cocoa, enjoying the heat from the fireplace, or finishing up your last-minute holiday crafts, listen to Loop and Purl as they share some of their favorite projects and designs of the year 2021. Stick around ‘til the end of this holiday themed episode for a special after-credit skit featuring Louie and Jules.

Loop and Purl – Episode 11

Leaves are falling, Black Friday sales are lurking, and turkeys are gobbling (or being gobbled), so it must be Thanksgiving time! Loop and Purl kick off this episode with some major announcements, including the winners of last episode’s big giveaway! Then the couple shares what they are particularly thankful for right now. Last but not least, they show off a few projects they are working on and wrapping up before Christmas time.

You found the Transgender Pride Flag!

A transgender person is somebody who identifies as a different gender than the one they were assigned at birth. It has nothing to do with who that person loves, but how they view themselves.