Baby Yoda Amigurumi

crocheted baby yoda

In this lesson, we’ll be crocheting baby Yoda from the new Star Wars show, The Mandalorian!

Santa Claus Amigurumi

Crocheted Santa Claus

In this lesson, we’ll be crocheting the great Saint Nickolas himself! This pattern not only teaches you how to make the jolly fat fella, but also how to turn him into a fun Christmas Tree ornament!

Miniature Key

In this lesson, we’ll be crocheting a mini key! This is a great addition to the treasure pattern but also would make an adorable necklace or earrings!

Treasure Chest Amigurumi

In this lesson, we’ll be crocheting a treasure chest! We’ll even be learning how to turn it into a monster mimic version! I use this pattern often in my new crocheters table top game, Stitch’d!

Pacman Ghosts Amigurumi

Pacu Pacu Pacu… wawawawa… In this lesson I’ll be turning my classic ghost pattern into a Pacman ghost pattern using just color changes for the eyes!

Boo Ghost from Super Mario Bros

Learn how to crochet the shy but spooky Boo, the ghost from Super Mario Bros! This little crocheted Boo Ghost amigurumi measures about 2 inches tall when finished, perfect for a keychain or to throw at plumbers. It also includes a full length unique video tutorial to help you get through the tough parts!

Goblinoid Clothes

In this course we’ll be making clothes that you can add to your goblinoid amigurumi characters! Whether you want your character to be dressed to the 9s or ready for battle.

Chef Hat

Every chef needs a crown! In this lesson, we’ll be crocheting a tiny chef hat that you can add to some amigurumi!

Bigfoot Bobby Amigurumi

In this lesson we’ll be crocheting Bigfoot Bobby! He’s named after my dad (Bobby not Bigfoot haha). This pattern requires a few sewn together pieces and using pipe cleaners in the arms and legs makes him completely pose-able like a toy!

Planet Earth Amigurumi

What did the earth say to the other planets? “Pffff, you guys have no life.”


You found the Transgender Pride Flag!

A transgender person is somebody who identifies as a different gender than the one they were assigned at birth. It has nothing to do with who that person loves, but how they view themselves.