2021 Calendar

--- Club Crochet's 2021 Calendar ---

Welcome to the 2021 calendar! This year might have been the most creative round up of new patterns and kits I’ve ever had, not to mention some of the huge steps forward for the site, and myself!

Some highlights this year were definitely the birb takeover, our amazing Earth Day Collaboration, and some of the most detailed patterns I’ve ever made with the Dragon and Carnivorous Plant ending out the year. This year was Club Crochet’s 4th birthday and for the first time ever thanks to the support of the community through memberships, kits, and donations, I was FINALLY able to quit my full time job and work Club Crochet 100%!!!

Below you’ll find a fancy calendar I made to track our progress through the year, you can follow the line all the way down the rainbow road through all the new patterns and kits that were made for each month through the year. Further down you’ll find a detailed breakdown for each month, looking at exactly what was made!

If you were able to support through a membership you’ll definitely recognize these as the kits that you received each month! We’ve got a pretty amazing year planned out for 2022, so if you want to join the club there’s never a better time than the present! Get a Pro Membership to get monthly kits and help support the site!

Thank you all so much for your support and being with me throughout another whirlwind of a year. So excited to see what’s in store for Club Crochet next!!

Thanks for reading,