Dwarf Amigurumi

Louie Mensinger


2 hours




In this lesson we’ll be crocheting cute and cuddly Dwarves! This is the newest addition to my crocheted table top game Stitch'd which you can find the rules for here! This lesson is not designed for beginners, and has a few fun stitches made specifically for the pattern!

What you'll create

What you'll learn

What you'll need

Cotton Yarn



Skin Tone (Body Color)
Grey (Armor Color)
Brown (Clothing)
Black (Shoes)
Nose Color (Nose)
Orange (Hair Color)
Gold (Hair ties)

Crochet Hook

G6 / 4.00 mm


Darning Needle

Safety Bead (x2)

6 mm



Chain Stitch




Slip Stitch


Single Crochet




Decrease (Sharp)


Invisible Decrease


Front / Back Loops Only


Half-Double Crochet


Mini Bobble Stitch


Single Crochet 2 Together


Bobble Stitch (4-dc bobble)


Mini Picot

Other Useful Info


5 Rnds and 4 sts per 1”
Finished piece is about 2” tall
Worked in the round (without turning)

The Pattern

Use the checkboxes to track your progress
(1:23) The time codes match to the pattern video


[Starting in Skin Tone] Magic loop

Rnd 1: sc 8 into the magic loop (8)

Rnd 2: sc 7, mbo (8)

Rnd 3: sc in each (8)

Rnd 4 - 5: sc 3, invdec, sc 2, inc (8 x 2)

Rnd 6: sc 5, slst 1

Cut the yarn and pull through leaving a long enough end to sew onto the body.

02Shoulder Pads

[All Grey]

Ch 4, cut the yarn and pull through.

Sew these over the arms.


[Starting in Skin Tone] Magic loop

Rnd 1: sc 6 into the magic loop (6)

Rnd 2: inc in each (12)

Rnd 3: [sc, inc] 6 times (18)

Rnd 4: [sc 5, inc] repeat 3 times (21)

ear = ch 3, skip the first ch, sc 1, hdc 1

Rnd 5: sc 2, ear, sc 4, mbo 1 [in Nose Color], sc 5, ear, sc 9 (21 +2 ears)

Rnd 6: working around the ears from Rnd 5, sc in each st (21)

The following part of the pattern requires a few color changes to add armor to your dwarf. Be sure to check the note in [Brackets], after stitches and at the end of the Rnd, to indicate when to change colors and which color each stitch should be in.

Carry colors required for each round along with you before you need to do a color change. For color changes with Color A/Color B (ex: 1 Red/Blue), make the first pull through (finishing the previous stitch) with the first color (Red), and next with the second color (Blue)

For detailed instructions see the video available here: http://www.clubcrochet.com/STRIPE

Color Key:
S = Skin Tone
Br = Brown
G = Grey
F = Foot Color

Rnd 7: sc in each st (21) [All G / S]

Rnd 8: working into the BLO, sc in each st (21) [All Br]

Note: The following Rnd has stitches worked over the stitches in Rnd 8 and into the stitches from Rnd 7. These stitches will be underlined and italicized.

Rnd 9: sc 4 [G/Br], sc 6 [G], sc 4 [G/Br], sc 7 [G] (21) [4 G/Br, 6 G, 4 G/Br, 7 G]

Rnd 10: working into the BLO, sc 4, bo 1 [F], sc 1, sc2tog 1, sc 2, bo 1 [F], sc 3, sc2tog 1,
sc 3, sc2tog 1 (18) [4 Br, 1 F(bo), 4 Br, 1 F(bo), 8 Br]

Add eyes 2 stitches away from the mbo from Rnd 5. Use a strand of Skin Tone yarn under the eye knotted on the inside to make bags under the eyes to add character.

Sew on the arms on either side of the body into the brown stitches. Use a pipe cleaner bent in half and twisted, then inserted through the body prior to sewing to make them poseable.

Sew on the Shoulder Pads over the arms where they have been seemed onto the body.

[All Br from here on]

Rnd 11: [sc 1, dec 1] repeat 6 times (12)

Stuff fully

Rnd 12: dec in each st (6)

Cut the yarn and pull through. Stuff fully (include a heavy coin for added weight) and sew closed.

04Adding Hair and Beard

Cut strands of yarn in your Hair Color about 1 ft long, fold in half and thread under the nose so that each end is equally as long.

Cut a few more strands of Hair Color and using your crochet hook, pull a loop through the stitches just over the ears with the hook pointing towards the face. Pull the ends through the loop to create a knot. You should now have 4 pairs of ends coming out from either side of the bottom of the nose and over each of the ears. Repeat this process using additional strands of yarn to create a more full beard and mustache.

Use a new strand of Gold yarn (or whatever color you would like to use for a hair tie), go through the body from the back, and come out at the base of the belly. Pull the hair ends from both sides of the ears towards the center of the body and loop around them a few times with the gold yarn to lock it down to the body and create a beard.

Enter back into the body and come out of the front of the body from where the shoulder pad is sewn on. Wrap around one side of the mustache hair ends to hold it down over the ear ends to create a mustache over the beard.

Enter back into the body and come out a few stitches directly
under, and wrap around the same mustache end to lock it down just above the feet.

Enter back into the body and come out from the other end to repeat the process for the other half of the mustache.

Enter back into the body and exit where you originally entered with the strand of gold yarn. Cut the yarn, double knot, and stuff back into the body.

05Adding More Hair

To create hair on the top of the head use additional strands of hair color yarn. Fold in half and pull a loop through stitches at the top of the head. Make sure the hook is pointing towards the back of the body when pulling the loop through to make the hair stay pointed towards the back. Pull the ends through the loop made to lock the yarn down. Add as many hair strands to the top of the head as you feel is necessary.

Tie these ends down to the back of the head with gold yarn using a similar method as the facial hair to create a ponytail in the back.

You can also embroider on an additional strand of hair yarn over the eyes to add eyebrows!

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