The Spiked Bobble Stitch

Louie Mensinger

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to make a brand new version of the bobble stitch that I call the Spiked Bobble. Great for claws, pointed noses, beaks, anywhere where you need a spike and don’t want to sew it on separately!

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Check out this stitch. It’s like two different stitches squashed together to make a really pointy bobble. I made it up because I had to make claws for these Hobgoblins but I don’t know what it’s actually called so I’ve been calling it a Spike Bobble.

This is the spiked bobble, I abbreviate it in my patterns as “sbo”. This stitch is basically two different Stitches put together. As you might have guessed it’s mostly bobble stitch. With a splash of mini picot thrown in for spice. Let’s learn how to make one…

Before you start

You should probably be prepared first by watching my first video for how to crochet the Bobble Stitch before starting this tutorial.

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