Dwarves (Rough Draft)

Louie Mensinger

This is my rough draft collection! These are all patterns I'm still working on to eventually publish on the site. Help me make sure they are all correct and ready to add to the site, and help choose which ones I should add!

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Welcome to my rough draft collection! These are all patterns I’m still working on to eventually publish on the site.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. These patterns are not complete and likely have a few errors, therefore they might be confusing! If you find any errors please comment on the pattern itself and I will review any comments and make changes.
  2. These patterns do not include videos and usually won’t include a PDF version either. That’s why they’re rough drafts!
  3. These rough drafts are available for membership accounts only! You can upgrade your membership here.
  4. If you like any of these patterns and want to see them fully made and added to the official library then make sure to upvote them! Posts with enough upvotes will be more highly considered for a future pattern/kit!
  5. By publishing these on this site they are officially copywritten. Please do not steal any of these! (Duh)
  6. Feel free to share with me photos of your completed creations using these rough drafts on the official Club Crochet Facebook Group but not publically online.
  7. To make things easier for me, these patterns will likely not include the abbreviations and materials listed unless they are special for the pattern. Here is a list of the abbreviation I use in my patterns:


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