Swamp Monster Amigurumi

In this tutorial, we’ll be crocheting a Swamp Monster amigurumi pod puppet. My girlfriend tends to think he’s got a mustache, but it’s supposed to be his gills! 

Zombie Amigurumi

Where do Zombies have their meatings? At headquarters!


Milkshake Amigurumi Course

Overview In this lesson we’ll be crocheting an adorable Milkshake amigurumi! This pattern was part of a collaboration and created by the awesome designer @ravencraft__designs!

Fungaloid (Mushroom Men) Amigurumi

In this lesson we’ll be making creatures I call the Fungaloids (basically Mushroom Men). They’re a new character in my tabletop game Stitch’d! This pattern is really fun to make and uses a new weird stitch that I’m calling the Double Crochet Reconnect. Oh also, I made this pattern with a lot of options for customizing, so have fun with it!

Santa Claus Amigurumi

Crocheted Santa Claus

In this lesson, we’ll be crocheting the great Saint Nickolas himself! This pattern not only teaches you how to make the jolly fat fella, but also how to turn him into a fun Christmas Tree ornament!

Bigfoot Bobby Amigurumi

In this lesson we’ll be crocheting Bigfoot Bobby! He’s named after my dad (Bobby not Bigfoot haha). This pattern requires a few sewn together pieces and using pipe cleaners in the arms and legs makes him completely pose-able like a toy!

Planet Earth Amigurumi

What did the earth say to the other planets? “Pffff, you guys have no life.”


Hobgoblin Amigurumi

When a goblin lives past their low life expectancy and gets access to a bit too much food they become Hobgoblins!


Ogre Amigurumi

Why is orcs always angry?

Cos they not as strong as Borg.


Goblin Amigurumi

They may be tiny, but they’re dangerous in numbers! In this lesson we’ll be making goblins, the tiny pawns in the crocheted tabletop game, Stitch’d!

Troll Amigurumi

Don’t leave your YouTube account open with these guys around! In this lesson we’re making Trolls, the intelligent magic casters in the crocheted tabletop game, Stitch’d!

Orc Amigurumi

An orc walks into a club, he takes 10 damage. In this lesson we’re making Orcs, the strong soldiers in the crocheted tabletop game, Stitch’d!

You found the Transgender Pride Flag!

A transgender person is somebody who identifies as a different gender than the one they were assigned at birth. It has nothing to do with who that person loves, but how they view themselves.