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Seasonal Kit

In this seasonal kit inspired by holidays, you'll find a variety of projects around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! With bonus keychains, paper cones, pipe cleaners, stuffing, eyes, and thread, plus our exclusive Club Crochet Amigurumi Cotton yarn, this crochet kit has everything you need to never miss a stitch on these holiday hookups.

What's Included:

This kit includes all the materials you'll need to make all 6 projects in the themed season PLUS 3 month's of Club Crochet Pattern Membership with access to over 300 additional patterns in the library!

The Materials:

  • 6 Balls of 100% Cotton Yarn – 200 ft
    • Yellow, Orange, White, Forest Green, Red, and Brown
  • 1 Mini Balls of Yarn – 25 ft
    • Black
  • 6mm Safety Eyes x 10
  • 8mm Safety Eyes x 10
  • Black Thread - 10 ft
  • 2 Keychains
  • 3 Pipe Cleaners
  • 2 Stuffing Packets
  • 1 Paper Adhesive Cone
  • 1 Mini Golden Bell

The Projects:

This kit includes 6 Unique Projects designed for the materials included. However, it also includes dozens of additional alternative patterns that can also be made with your membership!

  • Candy Corn Amigurumi
  • Pumpkin Amigurumi
  • Ghost Amigurumi
  • Turkey Leg Amigurumi
  • ???? - Mystery pattern releases November 2023!
  • ???? - Mystery pattern releases December 2023!
  • 35+ Alternative patterns!

Beginner Friendly!

The projects in this kit are designed with beginners in mind with a scaling level of difficulty! You can start with our first, completely beginner friendly pattern, and work your way up in difficulty!
  • Full length video tutorials for each pattern!
  • Printer friendly PDFs
  • Interactive eBook
  • Bonus 10 chapter beginner series included
  • Weekly live crochet alongs with the designer!

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  1. Ale (verified owner)

    I could go on and on about how great this kit is! You get so much yarn and the streams are so much fun and helpful. The yarn is really good quality and the patterns are really easy to follow. Also the kit gives me something to do every day. The amount of patterns that you can make with the kit is amazing. I would definitely recommend this kit for all level crocheters. Thanks so much Louie! (Crochandro)