The Bobble Stitch

Louie Mensinger

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to crochet a bobble stitch, and how to use them to completely change the way you make your amigurumi.

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Bobble Stitches (often abbreviated as “bo”) are actually one of my most used stitches in crocheting. That might sound surprising, but in Amigurumi, stitches adding height like a double and triple crochets just end up leaving big holes to let out the stuffing. Where as a well placed bobble stitch can be used to features like noses, toes, and and even limbs without having to make them separately and sew them on.

I use bobble stitches mostly to add features to my amigurumi, but they can also be used in blankets, or hats, really anywhere that you want to add just a little bit more texture to your project.

In this tutorial not only will I teach you how to make a bobble stitch, but I’ll also teach you a unique way to make color changes in a bobble stitch and how I use them for my projects.

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