Giant Bell Bag from Animal Crossing Course

In this lesson we’ll be crocheting an actual sized bell bag from Animal Crossing! I like using this bell bag as a project bag to hold yarn and materials for projects! This pattern is very easy to make, and by using larger yarn you can even make it pillow sized!

Gulliver the Seagull from Animal Crossing Course

In this lesson we’ll be crocheting a Gulliver the Seagull (from Animal Crossing) Amigurumi! You can crochet him sitting, standing, or even sleeping waiting for a wandering villager to wake him up!

Mini Bell Bag from Animal Crossing

In this lesson, we’ll be crocheting mini bell bags from Animal Crossing, perfect for having on hand when you go visit Nook’s Cranny! These bell bags are ultra-easy to make so you can make a bunch to hide for your kids!

Pacman Ghosts Amigurumi

Pacu Pacu Pacu… wawawawa… In this lesson I’ll be turning my classic ghost pattern into a Pacman ghost pattern using just color changes for the eyes!

Boo Ghost from Super Mario Bros

Learn how to crochet the shy but spooky Boo, the ghost from Super Mario Bros! This little crocheted Boo Ghost amigurumi measures about 2 inches tall when finished, perfect for a keychain or to throw at plumbers. It also includes a full length unique video tutorial to help you get through the tough parts!

You found the Transgender Pride Flag!

A transgender person is somebody who identifies as a different gender than the one they were assigned at birth. It has nothing to do with who that person loves, but how they view themselves.