The Single Crochet

Louie Mensinger

Learn your most useful stitch ever.


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Unlike the chain stitch, the single crochet (sc) is likely going to be the stitch you use the most. It can be used to make nearly anything: scarves, blankets, but mostly my favorite, amigurumi. It’s relatively easy too, at least once you perfect the chain stitch.

While this stitch is easy, getting started and making that first stitch can be a bit difficult. But once you finish the first one, you’re good to go. So let’s learn the basics for how to do a single crochet in a row (meaning just going back and forth).


  1. Sarah

    I have finally “got” this!! Other videos, drawings just don’t come close to how your instructions are!! Thank you!!

  2. Dee Krick

    I love watching your videos I get so much out of them! You are the reason I have learned to crochet and I have to thank you for that! God bless you and yours!